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About Synergy College


Established in 2001, Synergy College is a significant contributor to the field of professional and skill education in Malaysia.

Currently, the college is offering various Skilled Vocational Diploma, and International Professional Qualifications to local and international students. We are an accredited International College from JPK, Malaysia.

Students are eligible to apply government study loan through college. While delivering the government accredited skilled vocational program, we do prepare the students to sit for international professional examination. Most of our student are capable to obtain double qualifications.

All these programs are in the ares of high demand and are well recognized by local and international industries. Our students are undergo a learning system that is holistic and equipping them with the skills and relevant knowledge that can keep them in good stead as they join the workforce.

Why Synergy College?


  • Higher Vocational Education Provider
  • Provide thousands hands-on practical Learn all useful theory through practical
  • Industrial Placement / Internship / Industrial Training
  • Multiple Qualifications in one Program

    By the end of the course, the students will obtain the Diploma and International recognized Professional Qualifications.

Who should take this High Quality


Skilled Vocational Diploma

  • Those with SPM / UEC / STPM or any similar equivalent
    international secondary school qualification .
  • Those who interested in hands on vocational education.

The graduates can continue further study to Bachelor Degree, MBA etc

Kelayakan kemahiran yang ditauliahkan oleh JPK dan didafter adalah selaras dengan peguatkuasa Akta Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia 2007 (Akta 679).

Skills qualifications accredited by the JPK are in line with enforcement of the Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA) Act 2007  (ACT 679).





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